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Insurance for Every Need

Southern Mutual Insurance Company in New Baden, IL, offers property insurance for farm owners, home owners, rental dwellings, personal property insurance, farm machinery, and mobile homeowners.

Farm Owners

Our experienced agents offer quality property insurance policies for farm owners. We provide coverage for you entire farm, protecting your livelihood and ensuring your family will survive in case of an unexpected event.

Home Owners

We also offer property insurance for home owners. Our various policy coverages not only insure your home, but all its contents as well.

Rental Dwellings

In addition to your home and farm, we also protect rental properties. We understand a rental unit can be a significant investment for you as well as an added source of income.

Personal Property

Clothing, electronics, furniture, and other items may be listed as property, but it’s more than just material items to you. These are the things you not only use every day, but many of which holds special meaning to you. Yes, we protect this too.

Farm Machinery

You’ve invested significant time and money into the equipment that you use to work your land – without which you couldn’t earn the money you use to support your family. You’ve spent years accumulating exactly what you need, so don’t let one natural disaster or unfortunate accident wipe all of it away. Our policies cover a variety of different equipment.

Mobile Home Owners

Different types of homes require different types of coverage. A mobile home is not as large as a townhouse, so a policy shouldn’t cost the same amount, but adequate coverage is just as important. We offer high-quality policies for mobile home owners.

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